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1. Create a Comp Card

You can do this easily by going to this website and follow the instructions:


2. Compile the basic information about yourself:



Height: cm

Weight:  Kg




Shoe Size: 

Shirt Size:

Pants Size: 



Special Talents:

Mobile Phone Number:



3. Create an Actor's Resume

Robin Schroeter Actors Resume Selected 01.02.2016

If you have some experience you may want to create an Actor's Resume to keep track of what you have done. And also to let people know what references you have. 

Important: don't boast! If you were an extra on a movie, don't put that movie into your references saying you acted in that movie. Only featured parts or credited acting parts count. If you played a part, it is worth mentioning which part you played. 

Here is an example of an actor's resume:

What's next?

4. Send a polite email to the agent

Here is a list of all agents with emails that you can contact:

What should you mention in your email?Screen shot 2016 02 01 at 8.52.53 PM

Your email should mention what kind of work you are interested in and what you would like your agent to present you for: Extra work, Dance work, Featured Work, Acting for TVCs, Fashion, Acting for TV / Soaps, Acting for Film, etc. 

It should also contain the information that I put under "2.", especially important is your contact information.

in the attachment should be your Comp Card and your Actor's Resume (if you don't have an Actor's Resume don't worry)

Once you have prepared the email containing all the information above with a pleasant note like, "I am looking forward to hearing from you!" Send out your email!

Now...all you can do is...:

5. Wait...

Wait for your agent to do their job and present you to their clients. It may take 1 week, 1 month or more than that for them to get back to you. 

6. Update your information

Every 2-3 months you should provide your agent with an updated resume and pictures. You look may have changed, you may have gained more experience...What is important is that you stay in their mind. Don't be too pushy asking them every 5 minutes or every week if they have a new job for you, but if you remind them every month, or two, or three, that you are still there and eager to work the jobs may start flowing in.

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Modeling Name Contact Name Email Adress  
"CK Agency"  
2 Cha Asia ;"John"  
2 Cha Asia ;"John"  
A Plus Modeling Victoria
Ah Bee Casting
Airvory Agency
Akku Casting and Agency  
Asia Modeling Tony
Aura Management  Khun Sonie  
B Model Fashion
B Model Fashion
Bangkok Video Productions Khun Jenny
Best way Global Khun Jared
By Us Modeling
Candy Group Modeling Khun Jeab
Century Ware Khun Sesiri  
Citrus Talent  
Cool Modeling Roy
Cool Modeling
Cute Modeling
Dream Models Agency
Dreamhouse Models  
F Modeling Nano
Famous Models
Fluid Agency Mr Kaprice  
Fretwork Productions
Gamdang Khun Sine  
Gamdang Khun Som  
Gram Torino  
Greyington Productions
Hi Way Star
House Modeling Gary
Housemodeling Gary
Interdome Khun Kathawut
Iyara Film "Khun Joe"  
J Dash Khun Raine  
Jane Jane  
Jim Modeling  
Jos Fine Art Jos  
Kidz Talent  
Kenny Models Kenny
Khun Aamir  
Khun Aey  
Khun Amy
Khun Amy  
Khun Ben  
Khun Cat  
Khun Jack  
Khun Kupong  
Khun Kwan
Khun Nattiyapa  
Khun Pam
Khun Pemika  
Kiss Models Khun Ae
KK Group Modeling
Legend Castings
Massy Models Katha
Maya Modeling Khun Ae
Maya Modeling
Maya Modeling
Mega Talent
Mega Talent Agency
Mixed Media Modeling
Model Fashion
Model Story "Napat"
Modeling Soi 4 Nicky
Modeling Soi 4
Modelink Soi 4 Khun Boo
Models In Asia
Nok Models  
P1 Modeling Nicky
Pa Ying Pa Ying
Pulse Modeling  
Rina's Modeling Rina  
Real Features  
Red Modeling
Siam Modeling
Star Modeling
Starlight Modeling
Stellar Artists Khun Black  
Talent Café Thai
Tantalize Casting
Tay Models Alex  
Tiger Casting Emer
Toabh Management
Top Models Management Khun Chakkapong
TVC Casting
Uni Act Modeling
Urban Faces
Vivaldi PR  
Wind Up Films Khun Jae  
Wind Up Films Mr Joshua
Wow Productions
  Khun Alisa
  Mr Baso  
  Khun Candeeza
  Khun Qiw  
  Mr Haqim  
  Khun Im  
  Khun Kittiwut  
  Mr Mahsid
  Khun Marek
  Khun Natakorn
  Khun Nonie  
  Mr Paul
  Khun Ploy  
  Khun Kook Kik  
Casting Directors that accept direct submission of profiles:  
  Khun Non  
  Khun Honey
Agencies with Line IDs   Agents that like to be contacted through Facebook
Line ID:      Facebook  
nadda007, popmee
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P'non wrote this about how an agency fee of 30% in Thailand came about in the 1980s. Back then it made sense. Today much less so. How to break this tradition of unfair fees?



Non Jungmeier
June 10, 2012
30% 30% 30% 30% - Non Jungmeier - Thai Casting Director
Hi, I'd like to share a first hand experienced story of 30% agency fee in Thailand, how it came to existence. (Please be patient with my clumsy English)
I worked at Siam Studio Production between 1985 - 1988, it was the biggest local TVC production company at that time.
As most Thais, bad habits, I do not remember the exact year this incident had happened, but I remember the day well, and I had rechecked with the director who ran the meeting that day to assure that my memory is accurate, so, this was how it happened.
Our production house had a lot of troubles dealing with modeling agencies, sometimes talents complained they didn't get money, sometimes they said they got very little while we were sure we paid the fair rate. There was no standard at that time about how much percentage agents can take from talents' fees. So the company's management had required all talent agencies working with us to come to a meeting to set up a standard fee.
You have to imagine how it was to shoot a TVC in the 80's. No mobile phone, no internet, not many people had home phone, even.
So when Pi Pon (a professional TVC director now, head department of ADs at Siam Studio then) raised the number 20% as a fare share for agencies, Pi Moo (founder of CD Modeling, the biggest one working with us at that time, don't know if he's still in business) had explained that the expense to run an agency was very high, you needed to drive to talents' home most of the time to find them and communicate with them, 20% will be the end of his business.
We on the production side, and others on the agency side had discussed back and forth, and finally agreed to 30% as the maximum percentage. In the status of a big client, Siam Studio had the power to announce that if we had evidence of any agent charging more without talents consent, we'll ban that agent. We also agreed that the agencies had the responsibility to deliver talents in time and assured their readiness to work at shooting.
Thus so it began! I eye-witnessed this meeting as a trainee in the AD department. (Yes, I am that old, oh well)
Cut to 2000's - We have internet, mobile phones, whatsapp, msn, skype, facebook, craiglist, line, etc.... In my personal opinion, 30% just to make 1 phone call to an actor to come to casting is too much. (Pi Pon, the then-meeting director thinks the same)
But if you're an actor and you have a trusted agent who can tell you all info in the industry, helps you negotiating with productions, gets you into all appropriated castings, fights for you when you get exploited, have your cv and info ready to send to clients whenever requested (not waiting a few precious days to be able to move), know your talents inside out....... I'd say it's up to you what you think the service is worth.
So, when I deal with actors, I let them choose their representatives, it should be their own right and responsibility to give me the contact of the person that will speak for them, or they can also opt to speak for themselves. I also post all my jobs on facebook while I send emails to agents.
And as a casting director, I hate hearing agents mentioning "casting persons in Thailand corrupt", please name the individuals and ban them.
If you say "Oh, I cannot do that, then I have no work...." Then it's your choice and you're a part of that corruption. Repeat YOU ARE A PART OF THAT CORRUPTION in that case.
When a Thai Agent referred that 30% is written in Thai law about agencies, I had gone through a huge law reading, there's nowhere it's written that legally is not more than 30%, the law is supposed to dictate real estate agents, and the rate is up to individual agreements.…/…
The cake slice of the industry here is not that big, but it'd be nice to make it clean.
With all my best wishes, Non

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Die Zeit vergeht so schnell. Jetzt ist es schon wieder 4 Monate her, dass ich in Deutschland war.

Hier in Thailand bin ich wieder voll eingebunden ins Studium und habe viel Arbeit (neben der Uni).

Am Anfang des Jahres war ich fuer einen Zeitraum krank und habe mich dann allmaehlich im Februar davon erholt. Sobald ich mich davon erholt hatte ging die Arbeit richtig los.

Ich arbeite momentan fuer ein langfristiges Synchronisationsprojekt als Sprachdarsteller / Moderator. Es ist im Bereich Dating mit Tipps und Tricks fuer Maenner in Deutschland. Es macht Spass mit dem Team zusammenzuarbeiten und bietet ein regelmaessiges Zusatzeinkommen.

Fuer mein Regiestudium habe ich eine Szene aus Camus' Das Missverstaendnis inszeniert. Das Studium ist immer noch interessant, wenn auch anstrengend. Es bringt einen immer wieder an die eigenen Grenzen und man muss viel ueber sich selber reflektieren. Seine Wuensche, seine Traeume und Aengste analysieren und dazu stehen. Gleichzeitig arbeitet man mit Menschen und lernt diese zu fuehren und in das Bild zu ruecken, dass man selber vor Augen hat.

Das naechste Stueck, dass ich ins Auge gefasst habe ist "Warten auf Gordot" von Samuel Beckett. Das ist nochmal eine Herausforderung an mich selber.

Im Maerz habe ich dann an der Uniproduktion "A Tower near Paris" als Schauspieler mitgearbeitet. Das Stueck war emotional sehr aufreibend fuer mich, da ich einen Mann gespielt habe dessen Frau die eigene 2-jaehrige Tochter umgebracht hat. In der Szene finde ich es heraus...

Bis Mitte April habe ich als Schauspiel und Sprachcoach bei der deutschen Produktion "Heldenfahrt" mit gearbeitet. Der Star war der Schauspieler Ulrich Tukur. Es war eine Freude ihn kennenzulernen und mit ihm arbeiten zu duerfen.

Seit Anfang des Jahres hat dann noch eine weitere Entwicklung in meinem Leben stattgefunden...seitdem bin ich mit June zusammen... 


Mit Ulrich Tukur:


Mit Markus und Ben bei der Synchronisation:


A Tower Near Paris:


Robin und June:


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After Compassion I worked on The Comments - as actor. Right after the Comments I started my MA in Directing. Jumping from one to the next. 


Here's a commercial in which I worked as featured extra. Just for fun na. :)


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